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Childhood Influenza Vaccination Project

Project Dates: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012 to Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Project Staff: 

Through a cooperative agreement with the CDC, the PittVax team implemented a study to increase childhood influenza vaccination rates.  The CDC stipulated that the effort include collaboration with a public health department.  The first effort was to identify and develop innovative strategies to increase influenza vaccination of children ages 6 months through 18 years in primary care practice settings. This was accomplished through a literature review of effective interventions and focus groups of ACIC members, teens, and parents.  Based on these findings, we developed the 4 Pillars™ Immunization Toolkit.  Then a stratified, randomized cluster trial in 20 primary care practices was conducted.  The intervention consisted of staff education, early delivery of influenza vaccine supplies for disadvantaged children, the 4 Pillars™ Immunization Toolkit, feedback on progress among other strategies.  In addition, an influenza vaccination video directed at teens, 2 influenza vaccination public service announcements featuring a local celebrity and her family, were produced and influenza vaccination was promoted among the African American community through visits/presentations at business and community establishments frequented by the African American community.  Several papers have been published from the data collected in this study.  (See publications tab.)